Starting out in 2005, Box is mentioned as the best cloud storage provider because of these following features: Group communication is made much easier. You can directly address your team members with any questions or concerns you have related to a particular file or folder. The Box interface has a live update feed so you can know exacly what changes have been made to your files recently. Especially, the interface in the mobile apps (available on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry) is slick and well designed with many options for creating, uploading and sorting files. Anyone can sign up for a free individual account on Box, but business and IT users will have more specific rights to use the service’s endless list of sharing and to control over the privacy of their files. For example, they can decide who can view and open specific files or folders, as well as who can edit and upload documents. They can also set their own password to protect individual files and set expiration dates for shared folders. Besides, administrators can assign tasks to employees with project management software. There’s even a number of tools designed to speed up the sales process. You can preview files from Box’s website and even create basic text documents in Box. Through the web portal, you can edit in Box the documents created in either Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or web-based formats via a free, downloadable plug-in. Business users can also connect other apps, such as Salesforce or Netsuite to easily save documents to Box. However, this cloud storage service still has some defects, such as: Although the free package gives you 10GB of free space, the Box limits files to 250MB. It is much lower than the 10GB limits of OneDrive and Dropbox, and 5 TB of Google Drive. It will be a problem for a lot of videos which are larger than this limited size. Moreover, with the free account, you can’t restore previous versions of a file.