Copy is a cloud storage service founded by Barracuda Networks – a corporate IT company. It is suitable for regular individuals as well as for teams and businesses. It offers you 15GB of free storage, the same space as Google Drive, One Drive and some other cloud storage providers. If this storage space is still not enough for your using purpose, you can register the 250GB package with just $10 per month. You can earn more 5GB of free space for each user who you convinced to sign up (this extra space can be up to a maximum of 25GB). One of the most remarkable and different features of Copy is that it let you share the space with the people who also use your folder. For example, if you have a 20GB folder and four people to share with, that folder only takes up 5GB for storage in each person’s Copy account, while it counts all 20GB against your storage limit in Dropbox. Copy is a simpler cloud version of Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. It works as an online storage service that can be accessed via a web portal. Copy’s interface is quite plain, like most other cloud service providers these days. When you choose to use the desktop apps, a folder is set on your PC so that you can drag files to, then Copy syncs them to the cloud. You can select between sharing files and folders with your friends who use the platform and sending direct link to them. It also allows you to set permissions on the files you shared, from editing freely to just read only status. It sounds very similar to other cloud service providers we have mentioned. The service operates with decent speed, and also supports versioning. By this feature, you can set your mind at rest because after you make any changes, you still can retain the previous copies of your files. Besides, there is an impressive feature that fit in business: By some simple clicks, you can change the access privileges easily. If someone prepares to leave your company, you can revoke his access in just a few minutes and reinstate when he returns. The level of control is remarkable and the operating system is easy to use thanks to its simple design.